Relations with electricity service operators

Terna’s mainly deals with companies operating in the electricity industry and belonging to one or more of the following categories:   
  • owners of grid segments, to which Terna must guarantee the right to connection in compliance with regulatory and technical provisions  
  • dispatching users, i.e. producers, end customers, or wholesalers with which Terna regulates the dispatching service
  • interruptible customers, i.e. end customers of withdrawals that grant Terna the right to interrupt their load
  • distribution companies and owners of production plants.
Relations between the industry companies and Terna are regulated mainly by the industry Authorities and are defined technically and commercially in the Grid Code .

In particular, with regard to the dispatching service, Terna regulates with the users of the injection dispatching service the economic items regarding the procurement of the resources necessary to safeguard the security of the national electricity system, thus maintaining the equilibrium between injections and withdrawals, as well as ensuring that grid parameters, such as the voltage and the frequency, are at their appropriate levels.

The economic items regarding procurement on the dispatching service market (“MSD”) and imbalances for injection users are negative and in 2010 amounted to about 1.2 billion euro.   With the users of both injection and withdrawal dispatching users, Terna regulates the economic items regarding imbalances, understood as the difference between the plans the users presented on the electricity markets and the actual value of the electricity injected or withdrawn.         

The economic items regarding imbalances for withdrawal users, including the invoicing of system charges, are positive and in 2010 amounted to about 2 billion euro.

During 2010 the Company developed My Terna, its new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal, which enables Terna to manage the most important interactions with the electricity companies in a single, integrated environment.
My Terna will become the sole channel of access for all the services dedicated to the electricity companies. It includes a front office and a back office controlled with a single instrument and enables processes to be traced and the progress of paperwork to be monitored. The benefits are obvious: customers are the key elements of the system, quality and efficiency are increased, and the risk of contradictions is decreased.   

In 2010 Terna procured resources for the interruptibility and instant-load-reduction services aimed at making the functioning of national electricity system secure in the event the resources procured on the market turned out to be insufficient. There were about 150 assignees of the interruptibility and instant-load-reduction services in 2010, with about 3,800 MW of power, and the related negative economic item amounted to about 640 million euro on an annual basis.


COMPANIES 2010 2009 2008
Interruptible users (2)  154 134 120
Distributors directly connected to the NTG 19 19 21
Injection dispatching users (Producers and Traders)  86 77 75
Withdrawal dispatching users (Traders and end customers, including the Single Buyeri)  109 106 102

(1) The number regards the physical units located in Italy as of December each year
(2) Beginning in 2010 these also include the assignees of the instant-withdrawal-reduction service