In 2010 Terna’s shares recorded a positive performance on the stock exchange, bucking the trend of both the average Italian blue chip and the average of European utility. The shares gained 5.3% against a loss of 13.2% of the FTSE MIB and 8.4% of the DJ STOXX Utilities. In 2010 Terna was the only European utility to reach its all-time high, hitting 3.3925 euro per share in November.   

Compared to 2009, the volume traded increased by 16%, amounting to an increase in total value traded (i.e. volume x price) of more than 41%.

From its listing (June 23, 2004) to the end of 2010, Terna out-performed both the Italian market and the industry, with an appreciation of 85.9% (compared to FTSE-MIB 27.7% and DJ Stoxx Utilities +28%) and a total shareholder return of 171.8% (compared to FTSE-MIB -7% e DJ Stoxx Utilities +73.6%).


Performance of Terna shares and the FTSE MIB and DJ STOXX 600 Utilities indexes

Performance calculated with prices as of April 29, 2011


In the first quarter of 2011, the performance of the shares was boosted by a series of innovations: the presentation of the Strategic Plan, the 2010 results, and the sale of the photovoltaic project enabled the shares to out-perform the industry with a gain of 6.9%, compared to the 2.1% of the DJ Stoxx Utilities.

Furthermore, on April 4 the shares recorded their all-time high of 3.418 euro per share.