Energy consumption

The transmission of electricity requires the direct consumption of energy only for a few activities that support the service:
  • fuel for the Company’s vehicles (used for line inspections, repairs, and other activities mainly connected with the maintenance of lines and stations)
  • gas oil for emergency generating sets, which are used only in cases where electricity – the normal energy source for equipment -  is lacking, in order to ensure the control and restoration of the normal functioning of the electric system
  • gas oil and methane for heating, particularly in offices.
The indirect consumption of energy is constituted by the electricity used to run stations and operating systems (more than 94% of the total) and in offices and workshops.

The following tables show Terna’s direct and indirect consumption.

Specifically, in 2010 the following increased:
  • fuel consumption (gasoline and gas oil) by 2.8%, because of the expansion of the grid and the assets managed, which entailed more driving by vehicles of the corporate fleet for monitoring purposes
  • methane consumption for heating, because of the colder weather recorded in some areas of Italy
  • electricity consumption, because of the increase (+12%) in stations during the year.

gigajoule (1)

 201020092008 (2)
Direct consumption    
 Gasoline for vehicles (3)7,1136,9819,030
 Gas oil for vehicles (3)74,58872,52873,791
 Methane for heating7,2776,1444,837
 Gas oil for generating sets and heating 12,89013,27911,352
Total direct consumption 101,86998,93399,009
Indirect consumption   
  Electricity for stations and offices stations (4) 684,000633,600640,044
Total direct and indirect consumption

(1) The data regarding direct consumption in thousands of tons and thousands of m3 are reported in detail in the indicator tables. The parameters specified in the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI-G3 protocols were used to convert the quantities of resources into gigajoules.

(2) The 2008 values include the consumption of Ternai Partecipações. For Italy alone, the 2008 total direct consumption amounted to 87,796 gigajoules and total indirect consumption to 703,396.

(3) The consumption shown in the table includes only the vehicles of the Terna fleet that in the period in question refueled at least once according to the fuel documents. Only the consumption of operating vehicles is considered and not that of managerial vehicles. The 2009 and 2008 data were reclassified in light of the new boundary.    

(4) The estimated electricity consumption for 2008 was revised using the same criteria as for 2010 and 2009. Consequently, the 2008 consumption in GWh amounts to 171, with an increase amounting to 21 GWh and 75,600 gigajoules. The reference for the breakdown of the production mix is the “Monthly report on the electricity system” for December 2010, which is available online at