Electricity is used in electric stations to enable the equipment and its remote control to function.    

The main sources of consumption are:

  • cooling power transformers
  • external lighting 
  • air-conditioning systems in places with technical electric equipment  
  • auxiliary command, control, and protection circuits of all equipment and machinery.   

Although the energy consumed is only the quantity that is strictly necessary to ensure functioning, Ternai still seeks opportunities to save through:

  • natural or automatic circulation systems that optimize the functioning of cooling pumps and fans in transformers
  • the installation of photovoltaic panels on station buildings that at least cover the consumption of the computers that manage the plants.  

The measurement of the effects of the initiatives described will be possible only in the medium term, when the projects have reached a more advanced stage.   

Reduction of emissions connected with energy consumption in offices
In offices the main sources of energy consumption are connected with lighting, heating and air-conditioning, and the use of computers and printers.   
In 2010 the Company measured the reduction of consumption obtained by the replacement of almost 500 screens for personal computers with new screens that use 65% less energy. On the basis of the average number of hours of use a year and the data provided by the producers, a saving of energy consumption amounting to 259.5 gigajoules is estimated, the equivalent of a reduction of 28 tons a year in CO2 emissions (-67%)