Territorial characterisation criteria


Criteria of territorial characterizationAs part of consultation with local institutions, one of the most effective instruments for selecting the alternatives with the least impact consists in agreeing on the ERPA location criteria (Exclusion, Repulsion, Problematicity, and Attraction).

The area in question is characterized according to criteria that express its greater or lesser suitability to host the different kinds of work. Working within the SEA group, Ternai and the Regions agreed on a system of criteria based on four classes:

  • Exclusion: areas in which any kind of construction is excluded
  • Repulsion: areas where it is preferable not to construct, unless there is no alternative or there are only ones that are even less environmentally compatible, and in any case in compliance with the prescriptive framework agreed on
  • Problematicity: areas in which the landscape is problematic for an objective reason documented by the bodies involved and that therefore require further territorial analysis to establish whether the level of problematicity can be overcome while observing the prescriptive framework agreed on with the aforesaid bodies or it is necessary to find alternatives. Unlike the other criteria, this one is characterized by the need for further study and the absence of an automatic mechanism of a priori assessment. 
  • Attraction: areas to favor whenever possible after checking the area’s load capacity.