Activities abroad

With regard to its international development activities, Ternai has focused on the strategic areas located around the Mediterranean, in particular on some of the Balkan countries  – with which the Italian government has signed and is implementing intergovernmental agreements for cooperation and development in the field of electric power and renewable energy sources – and North Africa.    

The purpose of the Company’s expansion of its activities in strategic areas is to increase its ability to import through investment in new interconnections with neighboring countries, with benefits in terms of the increased security of the Italian electricity system and the diversification of the sources of electricity procurement from abroad and the consequent increase of competition on the Italian electricity market and reduction of the price of electricity.   

The new underwater electric power line between Italy and Montenegro – which is part of Terna’s Developmenti Plan – is under construction and is the most significant electrical interconnection project for linking Italy with the Balkan area.   
Terna does not have any investment activities in North Africa as of now, but only development ones.