North Africa

 Ternai does not currently have any investment activities in North Africa, but only development ones.

As in the Euro-Mediterranean area, in developing projects for connection with North African countries Terna considers protection of the environment a priority and favors projects for producing electricity from renewable sources that increase the security of investments by safeguarding their risk profile.    

This development strategy is implemented by integrating the Euro-Mediterranean electrical grid to exploit the availability of renewable energy sources located on the southern shore of the Mediterranean and connect them with the outlet markets.    

This approach takes the form of implementation of pilot projects and participation in international cooperation initiatives such as MedGrid and Desertec and in projects of the European Commission like “Paving the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan”.

The main projects in North Africa in which Terna is participating are:

  • Elmed project. This is an integrated project for the production and transmission of electric power based on intergovernmental agreements and a partnership between Terna and Steg – Tunisia’s national electricity company – which provides for the exportation to Italy of electric power from both renewable and conventional sources, whose production will be assigned to qualified companies through an international competitive procedure.  
  • Italy-Algeria Interconnection. Terna and Sonelgaz – Algeria’s national electricity company – signed an agreement for a feasibility study regarding the electrical interconnection of Italy and Algeria, with the objective of beginning the authorization process in 2012.  
  • Paving the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan. This is a project promoted by the European Commission regarding technical assistance for implementing the Mediterranean Solar Plan, which a consortium of Terna, RTE (France), Sonelgaz (Algeria), MVV Decon (Germany), and ENEA was awarded in 2010. Terna’s contribution is focused on the assessment of the power transmission systems in the countries concerned and the formulation of proposals for the development of the trading of electricity produced from renewable sources.