Connection of new infrastructure

SAPEI Nave posacaviTernai is obliged to connect to the Grid all potential users that so request and identify the connection solutions that minimize the impact on the environment and local communities of new grid infrastructure, while at the same time offering the user an economically sustainable connection scheme. In particular, it is entrusted with providing a high-voltage connection to the National Transmissioni Grid for plants with 10 MW of power or more.    Access to the grid infrastructure is regulated by the Electricity and Gas Authority (AEEG).Current regulations govern many stages of the process of accessing the grid infrastructure by establishing both the schedule and procedures for the actions that regard Terna and the discretionary margins, such as how long it takes to process the request, as well as the average time and cost of constructing connections, which are formalized and published by Terna.  

During 2010, Terna received more than 1,100 new connection requests, of which 98% regarded renewable-energy plants, which when added to those received previously raised the total to over 3,400 dossiers being processed at the beginning of 2011. Among these there were:   

  • about 2,400 with an accepted estimate (not yet authorized), including 2,200 regarding renewable-energy production plants
  • about 90 dossiers regarding authorized initiatives, including 80 for renewable-energy plants.

In accordance with provisions of AEEG resolutions, Terna has also created an IT system to manage the requests for connection, which makes the process transparent and traceable, as well as making more information available to the counterparty.

During 2010, Terna completed the main grid works to connect: