Main works constructed
With the construction of the second terminal, the direct-current submarine-cable connection between the Fiume Santo station in Sardinia and the Latina station on the mainland was completed. Inaugurated in March 2011 in the presence of the Minister of Economic Developmenti, the SA.PE.I. is one of the most important strategic works planned by Ternai to upgrade the Italian electricity system. The submarine connection is about 435 km long at a depth of up to 1,640 meters below sea level – the deepest in the world – and cost more than 750 million euro. Overall, in 2010 Terna increased its transformation capacity by about 2,000 MVA and put more than 495 km of new HV and EHV lines into operation.   

Main works authorized during 2010
During 2010 Terna obtained authorization for a number of important works, including:

  • the first part of works connected with the 220-kVi rationalization of the city of Turin
  • the 380kV “Turin–Lacchiarella” line between Piemonte and Lombardy
  • part of the works regarding the 220-kV rationalization of the city of Milan
  • part of the works regarding the 220-kV reorganization of the city of Naples
  • the 380-kV double-triad “Sorgente–Rizziconi” line that will connect Calabria with Sicily: 380-kV overhead “Sorgente–Villafranca T.” and “Scilla–Rizziconi” sections.

Main works at the authorization stage
During 2010 Terna began the authorization process for a number of important works, including:

  • the new 380-kV cable line between the 380-kV Paternò electric station and the new Priolo station in Sicily  
  • the second part of works regarding the rationalization of the city of Turin
  • a significant part of works regarding the reorganization of the metropolitan grid of Rome.

Main construction sites open
During 2010 the Company started work on the construction of the 380-kV “Sorgente–Rizziconi” connection, which will upgrade the interconnection of Sicily and the mainland through the Strait of Messina.

Following an approach based on the utmost transparency towards its stakeholders, the Company developed a new web platform , which since March 2011 has made it possible to visualize online up-to-date information on the progress made on the works included in the Development Plan.


Principali cantieri aperti e ultimati nel 2010