Internal communication

Ternai recognizes the essential role of internal communication in fostering the exchange of information, creating integration, promoting teamwork, and speeding up processes. Internal communication is divided into two areas. One comprises the instruments – the corporate intranet, the cascade dissemination of team-briefing information, and the house organ, Terna News – while the other consists of special events and projects, such as the annual We:Me convention, meetings between the top management and the senior executives, and the “CreativinTerna” Competition. The following are some of the initiatives carried out in 2010:   

Restyling of the corporate intranet
Two years after the creation of InTernamente (“inTernally”), the corporate website was renovated graphically and its contents reorganized. Thanks to the cooperation of all the Company’s departments, which provide an increasing amount of news, the home page was redesigned to host an instant web magazine, which reports live what is happening at Terna, from strategic transactions and new lines and stations to technological innovation and services for employees. The restyling also changed the personalization of the logo inTernamente, which – like Google’s – is graphically revised in connection with the most important corporate events.  

Inauguration of the new Milan office
As with the move to the new headquarters in Rome in 2009, the transfer of 140 people from the Company’s three offices in Lombardy to a single new one was accompanied by a carefully planned internal communication project. A precise schedule of operating notices issued from the “New Office” e-mail box and a welcome brochure distributed before the move to make the new area and office familiar, preceded the program dedicated to the first day in the new office.        
In effect, when they arrived at the new office, the employees found breakfast prepared for them, a series of orientation meetings with the heads, who provide them with all the useful information, and a welcome kit containing useful, eco-sustainable objects.

Third edition of the “CreativinTerna” internal photography and drawing competition
In the International Year of Biodiversity, the CreativinTerna art competition for employees (photography) and their children (drawings) was dedicated to the theme of “Our energy for the environment”. There were three times as many photographs and twice the number of drawings as in the first edition. This edition was held in partnership with the WWF Italy for the protection of the sea turtle, which emerged as the safety mascot from the previous edition with the winning drawing Ternaruga (from the Italian for turtle, tartaruga). Terna thus transformed every entry in the competition into the nominal adoption of a sea turtle, donating a sum to the WWF Italy’s “Adopt a Turtle” project. Consisting of Terna’s Chairman, Luigi Roth, and personalities of the world of photography and art, the jury chose the winners, who saw their works used for corporate materials (the 2011 diary and calendar) and reproduced in prestigious publications. An innovation this year was a moleskin-style notepad with drawings by the kids, which was distributed to all employees, together with a soft toy Ternaruga, the safety mascot, made by a famous company.

The little sustainability book  
To tell about Terna’s sustainability clearly and directly, emphasizing the strong points of our commitment: This was the objective of Our Energy Supports the Future, Responsibly. The publication was conceived to summarize the key concepts of the Sustainability Report for employees and was attached to Terna News ( the house organ ).

The We:Me Meeting turns five
Stories of volunteer work by employees were the thread running through the fifth edition of We:Me, the annual meeting of the Company’s junior and senior executives. The Kami Project and the presence of volunteer colleagues at the event strongly characterized the narration of Terna’s history through the title of the meeting: “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow”.