Relations with institutions

The strategic nature of Terna’s business makes it necessary for it to engage in a continual dialogue with government at both the national and local and with local communities, as well as to listen to the requests and needs expressed by institutions and the public at large. In addition, the Company constantly monitors both national and local legislative activity.      

During 2010, Terna’s top management took part in the Senate’s Environment and Environmental Asset Committee’s fact-finding inquiry for the purpose of examining a legislative decree with provisions to correct and supplement environmental regulations (Legislative Decree n. 152 of April 3, 2006).   

On that occasion the Company’s representatives described its commitment in taking environmental considerations into account when preparing the Developmenti Plan for the National Transmissioni Grid with the application of the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

During the year the top management met with the institutional world to discuss issues that are particularly important for the Company, such as the investment in Italy included in the Development Plan for the electric grid. On these occasions they had the opportunity to highlight the problems caused by the uncertainty regarding how long it takes to obtain authorization for a given project. Solutions were identified that allowed the situation regarding several works that were urgent for the country to be resolved, thus also creating the conditions for improving the environment by demolishing a number of kilometers of existing lines, reducing losses of electricity, and consequently reducing CO2 emissions.

The discussion also focused on the growth of the field of renewable energy and the conditions through which this new energy can be injected into the electric system. Beginning in 2011 the Development Plan will contain a section dedicated to the infrastructure necessary to improve the dispatching of the electricity produced from renewable sources and thus adjust the plans for development to the requirements that are emerging from power generation that is more spread out over the country.

In keeping with these commitments expressed in the Code of Ethicsi, Terna cooperates, discusses, and supports the work of the associations to which it belongs to contribute to the general improvement of the electricity industry and its regulations and technical standards.