Internal organisation


Internal organization   

Particularly important from the point of view of sustainability are:

  •  the presence of a corporate Security and Safety Department entrusted with, among other things, risk management and the safeguard of the Company’s physical, human, and financial resources, as well as occupational safety. The Department comprises the Fraud Management unit, whose objective is to safeguard the Company’s assets (material and human resources, direct and indirect benefits) in the face of illegal events that could compromise them by activity aimed at preventing and managing corporate fraud. This activity takes the form of constantly monitoring processes, checking reports of illegal activities, implementing protocols of understanding with prefectures and the finance police, and assessing and monitoring compliance risk.      
  • the presence of the Corporate Social Responsibility unit of the External Relations and Communication Department, which contributes to the establishment of the Company’s objectives regarding ethical, social, and environmental sustainability, as well as the governance of sustainability and the communication of the objectives and results of corporate social responsibility.
  • the institution in 2009 of a Sustainability and Environmental Steering Committee, of whose members are the heads of the departments that share the responsibility of implementing sustainability projects and monitoring their impacts
  • the use since 2009 of SDM (Sustainability Data Manager), dedicated software for the management of the sustainability information system
  • the presentation to the Board of Directors, when it approves the Sustainability Report, of sustainability objectives and results.