Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

LBG (the London Benchmarking Group) - Corporate Citizenship

In 2010 Ternai joined the LBG (the London Benchmarking Group), an English organization which, with the operating coordination of Corporate Citizenship, brings together more than 100 companies around the issues of social responsibility, with particular concern for the impacts of corporate community investment (CCI), for which it developed a measurement method.  
Terna intends to share its strategic-planning and classification approach for its corporate giving.

Terna is one of the companies that, in January 2008, created the Foundation for the Developmenti of Entrepreneurship. The Foundation continues the commitment manifested by the Sodalitas Association for the dissemination of social responsibility and the promotion of dialogue between business and the world of non-profit organizations. The Foundation’s significance and its commitment to the development of corporate social responsibility in Italy are recognized by the most important entrepreneurial, institutional, social, and cultural reference figures in the country and it can count on the contribution of 79 supporting companies, which generate an economic value amounting to 25% of Italy’s GDP, and 95 volunteer managers. Terna’s presence in this important network testifies to the engagement recognized the Company with regard to sustainability and represents a commitment to do even better in this direction.      
In April 2010, Terna participated in the first “Sodalitas Day”, an event promoted by the Foundation to present the sustainable approach of the leading Italian companies through the “Corporate commitment for a sustainable future” conference and the presentation of the results of the survey “The prospects of Social Responsibility in Italy” carried out by Eurisko. As part of the event, Terna presented its initiatives to safeguard biodiversity.   
In 2011, “The European Year of Volunteering”, the Foundation chaired – on behalf of the European Commission and Business in the Community, the reference English organization for corporate sustainability – the jury that selected the Italian candidates for the European Employee Volunteering Awards. For the “large company” category it chose the Kami project, which several Terna employee volunteers implemented in Bolivia.

Anima per il sociale nei valori dell’impresa
In 2010 Terna joined Anima per il sociale nei valori d'impresa, (“Soul for society in business values”), a non-profit association founded in 2001 and promoted by the Unione degli industriali e delle imprese di Roma – a Rome association of enterprises – which brings together managers and companies that want to disseminate in their community a new entrepreneurial culture that is able to combine profit with the creation of welfare for the community.
In this regard, Terna participated in a conference promoted by Anima and Confindustria Lazio on “Corporate codes of ethics: experiences and new trends” at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

CSR Manager Network Italia

Through the professional contribution of its own managers, Terna supports the activity of the CSR Manager Network Italia, the reference point for professionals, consultants, and university researchers whose work regards sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Sixth Social Responsibility Show “From Saying to Doing” (Milan, September 28-29, 2010)

Terna participated in the meeting by promoting – in the International Year of Biodiversity – a seminar on “Biodiversity and electrical lines: the possibility of coexistence”. The seminar presented the results of a McKinsey study on the increasingly distinctive role of the issue of biodiversity in corporate environmental policies and those of Terna’s “Nests on pylons” project, carried out in cooperation with Ornis italica.

Other activities
The dissemination of the culture of sustainability and its own experiences was the objective of Terna’s participation in a course on CSR, promoted by KPMG, at the Rome European University and the initiative called “Ideas at San Vigilio 2010. Energy and the Environment: the future is today” (San Vigilio, July 27, 2010), as well as the professional-training seminar “Energy and the Environment: bringing journalists and press agents up to date”, which was held with the scientific cooperation of the AEEG.

At the Sixth Politeia CSR Forum, Terna and other companies discussed the subject of responsible investors as promoters of social responsibility.