Grid users

Consultation Committee

The Committee is the technical consultation body instituted in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of May 11, 2004, which regulates the unified ownership and management of the grid. It is the permanent place for consultation with the companies in the electricity industry. In effect, the Committee includes representatives of the different categories of companies, namely: distributors, producers (from both conventional and renewable sources), large industrial customers, wholesalers, and consumers, with the participation of the Electricity and Gas Authority and the Ministry of Economic Developmenti as observers.        

The Committee has an advisory role and proposes changes in the regulations in force. It is also entrusted with conciliatory duties, and upon request by the parties can facilitate the settlement of disputes among grid users stemming from the application of the Grid Code.     

During 2010, the Committee was mainly involved in expressing its opinion on the revision of three regulatory issues:

  • the technical requirements for wind plants. With regard to the Electricity and Gas Authority’s Resolution ARG/elt 5/10 on Conditions for dispatching electricity produced from renewable sources that cannot be programmed, Ternai consulted the Committee on a proposal concerning the procedure for using devices for remote disconnection, as well as an updated version of Attachments A.6 and A.13 to the Grid Code, which establish the criteria and procedures for connecting generating plants to Terna’s control system, taking into account the specificities and peculiarities of wind production units.    
  • the reform of the Electricity Market. In accordance with Law n. 2/2009 and the Ministerial Decree of April 29, 2009, Terna consulted the Committee, and acquired its opinion, on the new dispatching rules in order to integrate on the functional level the midday power market managed by the  Electricity Market Manager with the dispatching services market managed by Terna. These rules will apply as from January 1, 2011.  
  • The Grid Development Plan for 2011. As in previous years, the Committee was asked to express its opinion on the 2011 edition of the Plan for the Development of the National Transmissioni Grid, with regard to both the new development works planned in particular and the Plan as a whole.  
  • In expressing its opinion on the Plan the Committee paid particular attention to the length of the authorization processes and emphasized how the critical situations of grid infrastructure development are concentrated mainly in the authorization stage.

Development of the My Terna portal

In 2010 Terna completed its new customer-relationship-manager portal My Terna, whose construction process involved the corporate associations of the electricity industry.