The transparency and timeliness of information characterize the relationship between Ternai and both its institutional and its individual investors. Specifically, the Investor Relations Unit interfaces with the former and the Department of Corporate Affairs with the latter.
To further facilitate the Company’s dialogue with its investors, Terna activated a dedicated Investor Relations Section, which offers everyone the opportunity to be promptly brought up to date on the Company’s economic results and strategic objectives. In addition to the complete documentation produced by the Company in an interactive version, web streaming also enables visitors to the site to follow the conference calls organized both when the Company’s results (quarterly, half-year, and annual) are published and when significant extraordinary transactions take place. Live participation through the two channels in these events exceeds on average fifty connections, including the analysts who follow Terna’s shares and publish studies.        

During 2010 retail investors made 23 requests (29 in 2009, 27 in 2008), including 18 via the dedicated e-mail address. The requests regarded dividends and the related accounts, bonds, and the documentation for shareholders’ meetings.   

The Corporate Social Responsibility unit maintains relations with the sustainability rating agencies, to which it provides the information necessary to assess the Company’s ESG performance.