EmployeesAssessment of training effectiveness 2010
In February 2011 a survey was carried out that involved all resource heads and coordinators to obtain feedback on the quality of the training provided during 2010.    
Of the 58% of the heads involved who responded, 95% thought the training received personally was effective or very effective with regard to the interest and usefulness of its content. Their opinion of the effectiveness of the training received by those working under them was equally positive (93%). The Campus “Network Experiences” also received a good assessment.

“Sustainability and Grid Development” road show at the AOTs
Starting in Naples and ending in Cagliari, the “Sustainability and Grid Development” road show, organized by the External Relations and Communication (Corporate Social Responsibility unit) and Institutional Affairs Departments, was undertaken to share with the people who work at the local level the distinctive elements of Terna’s approach to sustainability and the critical situations that the Company faces in developing the grid.  Overall the initiative involved about 250 people.     

Presentations on sustainability to the central Departments
In the last quarter of 2010 the personnel of the central Departments of the Rome headquarters were involved in presentations on Terna’s approach to sustainability organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility unit. Aimed at sharing concepts, results, and work programs, the presentations involved about 280 people, mainly senior and junior executives.  

Relations with labor unions
The Protocol on the System of Industrial Relations that governs relations with the labor unions at the corporate level establishes a structured system of relations and arrangements on advance and/or periodical bargaining, discussion, consultation, and information, on which see the section on Industrial Relations.         

In the three-year period 2008-2010, bargaining with the industry labor unions led to the signing of 33 agreements.  

With particular regard to 2010, pending the definition of regulations for the three-year period 2011-2013 through second-level bargaining, the Company signed an agreement with the national heads of the labor unions regarding the regulations and financial appropriation for 2010.