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Demoskopea’s “City Journalists 2010” survey
The 2010 edition of Demoskopea’s “City Journalists” survey – conducted with 80 economic and financial journalists on a sample of 61 companies to assess the quality of their press offices – again showed excellent results for Terna’s, which gained 11 percentage points with respect to 2009 and rose from twelfth place to seventh.
Equally flattering was the result regarding the parameter of the “familiarity” of the journalists with the company. Compared to 2009, Terna recorded an increase of 10% against an average of 5%. In absolute terms, Terna gained 5 places, coming in 24th (5th among energy companies).

Sixth Show of Social Responsibility “From Saying to Doing” (Milan, September 28-29, 2010)
In the “Young Peoples’ Space” at the Sixth Show of Social Responsibility “From Saying to Doing”, Terna participated in the “Young people meet Enterprises” initiative and was paired with a group of students from the Bocconi University, which analyzed its approach to sustainability through an examination of the 2009 Report.

Sixth Master’s Program in Corporate Citizenship – FONDACA’s integrated corporate responsibility strategies
During 2010 Terna supported the sixth edition of the “Master’s in Corporate Citizenship – Integrated corporate responsibility strategies” organized by the Foundation for Active Citizenship (FONDACA) in cooperation with the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa and Boston College’s Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics.

The Master’s program aims to contribute to closing the gap between training supply and demand in the field of corporate citizenship and is characterized by its multi-stakeholder and interactive approach to the subject, which makes the most of the experiences of the participants. During this edition a group of students analyzed Terna’s 2009 Sustainability Report and presented the results.