Sustainability results and objectives

2010 results

  • The action programs, and the results achieved by Terna’s  sustainability  were the subject of a series of presentations made for the Company’s 8 regional offices and all the central departments. The same presentation has become part of the process of integrating all newly hired employees.       
  • The external communication of sustainability issues benefitted from the reduced production time of the 2009 Sustainability Report and the enhancement of the content of the Sustainability section of corporate website. The innovations include  the creation of a section dedicated to electro-magnetic fields.          
  • The presentation of the Sustainability Report was addressed to selected groups of university students and ones working on a master’s degree in sustainability.   
  • The central position of the responsibility for the electricity service was confirmed by the good result obtained regarding the targets set by the AEEG for 2010.  
  • In the environmental field, Terna accelerated the program for disposing of oils containing PCBs in concentrations of between 50 and 500 ppm, which by the end of 2010 had been practically eliminated. The lines of the subsidiary TELAT – acquired in 2009 – were geo-referenced, which allowed Terna to complete its survey of the interferences between the transmission grid and protected natural areas. Leakage of SF6 decreased and the containment plan underwent a revision, which in 2011 should establish the long-term target and the related actions.   
  • Work continued on the enhancement of the 3 wildlife reserves specified in the Terna-WWF agreement. With the work already finished in the two Tuscan reserves, only the Torre Salsa reserve in Sicily remains to be completed in 2011.
  • With regard to safety, the accidents involving contractor employees were recorded.    
  • By choosing the values they prefer among those on which the Code of Ethicsi is based, the employees were involved in the allocation of philanthropic contributions to support associations that are working to defend the same values.

The objectives for 2011 constitute further steps long the same paths. The table below provides a summary of them, of which the following should be noted in particular:       

  • a survey of Terna’s reputation among its stakeholders
  • Revision of the sustainability section of the corporate website;
  • Preparation of an energy-efficiency plan for Terna’s buildings;  
  • A plan for extending the performance-assessment system to include an increasing number of employees;
  • Adoption of rules to foster employee volunteering and guide the donation of corporate property for charitable causes.

Presentation of the Sustainability Report to all  Departments
Presentations made to all Departments and the 8 Local Areas
○○○ Surveys on Terna’s reputation
More meetings for presentation and discussion with  stakeholders
2 meetings, as in 2009
○○ Revision of the Sustainability section of the website
More content in the Sustainability section of the website (in particular on electro-magnetic fields)
Increased content on biodiversity (initiatives with the WWF); site on electro-magnetic fields created
○○○ 2010 Sustainability Report online by mid-June
2009 Sustainability Report available on website by mid-June
Sustainability Report published on website on May 26

Achievement of continuity indicator targets
Achievement of targets
○○○ Achievement of continuity indicator targets
Avanzamento Piano di sicurezza secondo programma
Risultato positivo incentivazioni AEEG
Security Plan on schedule
○○○ Security Plan on schedule
Positive result on AEEG incentives
Positive result on AEEG incentives
○○○ Positive result on AEEG incentives
ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY Corporate profitability
Corporate profitability (1) 
○○○ Corporate profitability
Investment to develop grid
Investment to develop grid (1) 
○○○ Investment to develop grid
Containment of transmission costs
 Containment of transmission costs (1)      
○○○ Developmenti of unregulated activities (photovoltaic)
Progress on project to contain SF6 leakage 
SF6 leakage down; revision of program    
○○ Revision of action plans on SF6 leakage
New survey of lines in protected areas (including TELAT lines)
Survey completed
○○○ Preparation of energy-efficiency plan for Terna’s buildings
Acceleration of program to reduce oils with PCBs between 50 and 500 ppm
Program accelerated and PCBs practically eliminated
○○○ Increased neutralization of CO2 emissions
Complete work in reserves included in project with WWF
Work completed in 2 out of 3 reserves
○○ Completion of work included in agreement with WWF
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Improved recording of accidents of contractor and subcontractor employees
Recording done
○○○ Plan for extending performance-assessment system

Establishment of policies and rules for employee volunteer work
Objective postponed to 2011
Establishment of rules for employee volunteer work and donations of corporate property
Charitable/giving initiatives in accordance with employee preferences (“Vote your value” project)
Project  implemented 
○○○ Initiatives in partnership with non-profit organizations

°°° objective achieved
°°     partly achieved 
°     postponed or suspended

(1) A result achieved corresponds to a performance in line with the objectives approved by the Board of Directors for the Strategic Plan presented annually to financial analysts .